Al Bulf (1/35 scale military models, some 1/48 and 1/72 too!)

Updated April 2, 2020
WWII German Command Soldiers
Russian WWII Armored Car
US Military Police in WWII
Russian Soldiers on cold Eastern Front

Russian WWII T-34 Tanks
Update August 16, 2019
1815 Dutch Napoleonic War Soldiers

German WWII Soldiers
French WWII Charles De Gaulle and officer

Update August 10, 2018
WWII British 6 Pound Anti-Tank with Crew
US WWII Army Tank Crew

Diesel Powered 1936 German Military Police Car

WWII US Airborne Paratroopers

Update July 26th, 2018
German U-Boat class 6 C - 1,600 tons
British submarine Astute class 8,000 ton
WWI Japanese
WWII Soviet officers with jeep and fuel trailer
WWII Japanese soldiers.

Al Bulf.........Thank you for sharing your work Al, Mark
He some more new stuff from Al, great job Al!
WWII German troops Battle of Kursk!
More new pictures from Al's models!
WWII US troops.
WWII German tank crew!
Here come the French-under heavy German fire!
German commanders meeting?
Here come the Japs!
Infantry soldiers.
Some of Al's Calvary soldiers
Here is some of Al's outstanding work! 1/35 scale.